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With a private lesson from a Nineteenth Hole professional, you'll discover techniques and strategies for improvement that would otherwise take years to learn.  Whether you are looking to add distance to your drive, improve your short game, or learn how to finally hit your irons straight, we can help you reach  your goals.


Deborah Lee Eldridge

PGA of Canada Class A Teaching Professional
Deborah is a former LPGA tour member. Previously ranked #1 Amateur in Canada, Deborah is the winner of 10 professional tournaments.    She is a certified instructor with the Coaching Association of Canada and leads the golfing team at Mohawk College, taking them to the Nationals this year for the first time in Mohawk College history.
Golf is deceptively simple and endlessly complicated; it satisfies the souls and frustrates the intellect.  It is at the same time rewarding and maddening -  and it is without a doubt the greatest game mankind has ever invented,  Arnold Palmer
Rates are $55/hr
Series of 3 lessons for $150
($10 for range balls not included)
Contact Deborah to set up an appointment @ or
905 865-1584 
 Steve Anderson

Level III Full Certification - CGTF (#2070)

Sample topics covered include: proper alignment, grip, posture, ball position, swing plane, video swing analysis and more.
Teaching philosophy:
Steve's teaching philosophy is a simple, straight-forward, fundamental approach.  The success Steve has had with many students has been focused around proper setup and the initial takeaway:
"I spend a tremendous amount of time with students on the setup.  What often separates a low from a high handicap player is how they organize themselves at address.  Many golfers with a first-class swing can control the force needed to carry the club to impact, but often struggle with consistency if some element of their setup is flawed.  On the other hand, a golfer who establishes the correct grip, ball position and body alignment while maintaining balance can hit an acceptable shot even with a below average swing."
Steve's professional career includes many highly analytical positions, which separates him from many golf professionals.  With a university degree at the Master's level, Steve has the tools needed to assimilate many different facets of the golf swing and then communicate it in an easy to understand way.  Aside from private and semi-private lessons, Steve has worked at various public courses in capacities such as: tournament organizer, Sales and Marketing.
Steve is looking forward to speaking with you further: he invites you to contact the Nineteenth Hole to arrange a lesson or email at
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